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Plant A Row For The Hungry

GOGA Plant A Row for the Hungry Purpose
        Encourage members to plant an extra row of vegetables and donate harvested crops
       to the Akron Canton FoodBank or to similar organizations and churches in the area.
       Also to encourage donation of surplus garden vegetables and fruit
       to organizations providing food to needy poor folks.

GOGA Plant A Row for the Hungry Award
      To be presented each year to the GOGA member who has contributed the most pounds of fruit
       and vegetables.  These are to be from their garden or from an extra Plant A Row added to
       their garden.  Fruit and vegetables are to be dropped off at :
       1.  Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank or any of their designated drop off locations.
       2.  Churches with a food for the needy program
       3.  Other non-profit organizations with similar food for the needy donation programs.
       GOGA members are to keep a record of their annual fruit and vegetable contributions each year
       and report to the GOGA Plant a Row committee before November 1.
       Send report to: Leslie Knight, 77 Stadium Drive, Tallmadge, OH 44278
       or send email to:
       1.  Pounds of fruit and vegetables from your garden (your best estimate of weight).
            Include names of fruit and vegetables.
       2.  Drop off locations and names of organization. Dates of drop offs.

Note:  National sponsor of Plant a Row for the Hungry is the Garden Writers Association. 
           They encourage garden clubs and community gardeners to participate and join a
           network of garden writers, individuals, Master Gardeners, and nurseries.