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GOGA members at 2010 National
Convention Grand Rapids, MI
    Meetings in 2016


     Dinner Meeting: 
                   Monday, November 21, 2016
                                        5:30 pm - Social Hour
                                        6:30 pm - Dinner
                 Where: St. George's Fellowship Hall
                             St. George's Anitochian Church  
                             3204 Ridgewood Road        
                             Copley, Ohio

                 Program:  GOGA - Election of 2017 Club Officers
                                               Beautification Awards - Ken Bell
                                               GOGA Awards - Mary Ann Ferguson Rich 


       Board Meeting: 
  Next meeting on  Monday November 28, 2016
           Usually meets at:  Faith Lutheran Church at 7:00 PM
                                       2726 W. Market Street   
                                       Fairlawn, OH
          All members are encouraged to attend board meetings.

About This Club

Gardeners of Greater Akron  promotes gardening as a desirable hobby for  men, women and youth. This non-profit club was renamed in March, 2010. 
It originally started as Men's Garden Club of Akron, Ohio in September 1937. 

Mission Statement

The club operates exclusively for educational, scientific, and charitable purposes:
    -   To promote gardening as a desirable hobby for adults and youth.
    -   To assist in developing gardening skills.
    -   To encourage the use of gardens as a means for the beautification of
        communities and other appropriate areas.
    -   To cooperate with other organizations and persons interested in

    -   To encourage qualified members to share their knowledge and abilities.

Affiliation with Other Organizations

Gardeners of Greater Akron is affiliated with The Gardeners Of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America.
The Gardeners Of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America

Gardeners of Greater Akron is also affiliated with the Central Great Lakes Gardeners,
           a regional association of 12 garden clubs in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.
Additional information is available at Central Great Lakes Gardeners

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For information about this organization contact:  Club Officers